To capture ideas, trends, and resources to better understand pain, these postings offer a window into the current state of the pain field. This section will change as new information and materials are added.

  • A Filmmaker’s Journey into the World of Palliative Care

    “How old do I have to be to have you as my doctor,” I asked…

    13 March 2017
  • New Mayday Fellowship has Begun – 2018-19 Fellows Announced

    The Fund is now pleased to announce the next generation of the Mayday Fellowship program, which will begin in 2017, with a multi-year focus on experts who will communicate the latest evidence-based solutions in pain care and treatment, as well as the promising research in the field.

    Fund Updates
    7 March 2017
  • Resources: Pain Research Forum (PRF) and Relief

    The Pain Research Forum (PRF) is a freely available, interactive, virtual community and resource for…

    17 May 2016
  • Resources: The National Institutes of Health Pain Consortium

    This site has a large array of resources, including the National Pain Strategy.

    2 May 2016
  • Resources: Pediatric Pain

    For information regarding some of the pediatric pain projects that Mayday has contributed to, please…

    2 May 2016
  • Acute Illness, Injury, Pain in the Emergency Department

    Walk into any major cancer center, and you will find doctors partnering with patients on hundreds of ongoing research studies. If you are looking for a medical setting farthest from the interwoven research and clinical care of oncology, go to any major medical center, and walk from the cancer center over to the emergency department.

    Samuel McLean, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
    29 April 2016
  • Children, Pain and Care

    We well recognize the need to prevent and treat pain in infants and children. Besides being the humane thing to do, there is mounting evidence to show that poorly treated pain in children has lasting negative effects, both physiological and psychological, that may follow children for many years. However, we also know that the majority of medications, approximately 80 percent, prescribed to infants, children, and adolescents have not been approved by the FDA for use in these age groups.

    Gary A. Walco, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist
    29 April 2016
  • How Does Your Brain Respond to Pain?

    Watch Mayday Fellow Karen Davis’ TedEd video answering the question: “How does your brain respond to pain?” In this short video, she explains why different people have different responses to painful experiences.

    Fellowship Highlights
    28 April 2016
  • Resources: The North American Pain School

    Launched in 2015, The North American Pain School, or NAPS, brings together leading experts in the fields of pain research and management to provide a unique educational and networking experience for the next generation of basic science and clinical pain researchers.

    28 April 2016
  • Lonnie Zeltzer, MD

    Becoming a Spokesperson How do you go from “flying by the seat of your pants”…

    Fellows Success Stories
    23 March 2016