For several years, The MAYDAY Fund has supported significant research grants, but also has encouraged pain experts to assume public leadership roles to help end human suffering from pain through public discourse and action. From 2004 to 2015, this public engagement and leadership training was achieved through a Fellowship program, where 60 candidates learned communication and public outreach skills.

The Fund is now pleased to announce the next generation of the Mayday Fellowship program, which will begin in 2017, with a multi-year focus on experts who will communicate the latest evidence-based solutions in pain care and treatment, as well as the promising research in the field.

The new Fellowship will sponsor regional training events for clinicians and researchers who are passionate about improving pain care and who are dedicated to building communications skills and strategies to reduce human suffering from acute and chronic pain. The Fund will seek applicants who work in areas that will advance the improvement of pain care, including: fixes to how pain is addressed in the health care system, training frontline clinicians, sharing critical research on the science of pain and on improved evidence-based treatments, and on addressing the disparities in care.

Application season will open later in 2017—please sign up here for updates and stay tuned for more information.

7 March 2017